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South Stream Transport is committed to a transparent and respectful dialogue with stakeholders throughout the life of the Project, and we welcome feedback from community members, NGOs, businesses, government, industry groups and other stakeholders.

Feedback from the community is valuable for us to ensure that relevant and important issues are appropriately considered and addressed, and to strengthen the basis of our future environmental and social management. Feedback may include questions, comments, requests for information, suggestions, concerns, and complaints or grievances.

We are committed to treating complaints with the same consideration and respect as other types of feedback, and will work with all parties to address complaints and concerns. In line with good international industry practice, we have established a Grievance Procedure which aims to ensure that any grievances or complaints associated with Project activities are addressed in good faith through a transparent and impartial process.

Any comments, concerns or grievances regarding the TurkStream Offshore Pipeline can be provided via the form below or via feedback@turkstream.info. You can also submit them via post to:

South Stream Transport,
for Stakeholder Engagement

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